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Pakistan property tax calculator

I want to :
Buy    Sell
I am :
Filer    Non Filer
Total DC Value:
Total DC value of your property
Total Purchased Value:
This is the total amount at which you bought the property. FBR value or sale deed value whichever is applicable
Total Current Value:
Please mention total value of your property ( FBR per marla value * number of marlas) according to FBR table
Holding Period:
How long did you hold the property?
  It is a federal property
Check if the transaction is against federal property such as Islamabad where provincial tax such as stamp duty doesn't apply.
  I (Seller) am original allottee and depedent of Army Shaheed OR any of the service officers exempted from CGT.
Check the above if you qualify for service man CGT expemption. Only applicable on first sale of the property for the original allottee.

Pakistan Property Tax Calculator has been developed according to latest tax amendments.
New Formula to calculate CGT.
5% flat CGT if property bought before July 1, 2016.
10% CGT for 1 year holding on FBR valuation price difference.
7.5% CGT for 1-2 years holding on FBR valuation price difference.
5% CGT for 2-3 years holding on FBR valuation price difference.
0 CGT after 3 years.
CGT Expemtions catered for army/service officer's dependents.
New WHT limit of 4 million has been added.
Amnesty Tax has been added. 3 percent of difference of FBR Value and DC Value